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How to obtain the padrón?


What is a padrón in Spain?

In order to obtain your padrón, and therefore be included in the register of the city you are living in, you must have a rental contract, an authorization of the owner of the property or the main tenant or being the owner of the said property.

The Padrón is the compulsory census in Spain of all residents. The empadronamiento certificate will be equivalent to a proof of residence in Spain for all other administrative procedures. 

The empadronamiento is thus one of the obligatory and indispensable steps when you wish to settle in the country.

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Why do we need a padrón?

The Padrón is a proof of address. It will allow you to prove your address to the Spanish authorities when you go through administrative procedures and will be required in particular for :

 NIE or TIE (Tarjeta de Identificacion de Extranjero) application.
Application for affiliation to the Spanish social security system (addition of beneficiaries such as spouse/children).
Application for a Cat Salut (Health Assistance Card) – which determines, depending on your address, the health centre to which you are attached.
Application to the DGT (change of driving licence/registration, change of address, etc.).
Requesting your children’s enrolment in school, etc.

The Padrón is therefore very useful but above all compulsory for various procedure. If you wish to obtain your Padrón, do not hesitate to contact us.