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Digital certificate: what is it & how to get it?

The digital certificate will no longer hold any secrets for you.

The digital certificate is your personal electronic signature on Spanish government websites. It allows you to authenticate yourself and carry out your administrative procedures while protecting your personal data. Bonjour Barcelona can help you to obtain this certificate.

In Catalonia, there are two types of certificates:
– The FNMT certificate for individuals;
– The IDCAT certificate.

Depending on the type of certificate, it can be obtained from one of the following public institutions:
– City Hall;
– Tax Office (AEAT);
– Social Security;
– Registry, etc.

You must go to one of these institutions with your passport/national identity card and your previously obtained certificate application.

The digital certificate is valid for a limited time period. At the end of this period, it must be renewed.

What is the purpose of the digital certificate?

Having a digital certificate makes it much easier to deal with the Spanish government online, especially on the websites of
– Social Security (Seguridad Social);
– Taxes (Hacienda);
– INEM (unemployment);
– DGT (headquarters – vehicles and drivers)

With your digital certificate, you can make your declarations and other procedures online, without leaving your home!

You are automatically identified on the websites of the administrations and have access to your current files.

If you wish to obtain your digital certificate quickly, you can use the services of “Bonjour Barcelona”.